Welcome to my blog about yard sales, crochet, my family and my life. A yard sale map in one hand and a crochet hook in the other.


Find my crochet projects on my Facebook page, Charlotte's Crochet.
Also instructions for making your own graphghan written pattern.

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Unknown said...

Charlotte, I absolutely LOVE your work. You are one of the few crocheters that challenge me. I love to create items without patterns and see the final result. Not too many people do that. I also like to look at other creations and try to duplicate them just by looking at them. You make items that make me feel like an amateur. I've been following you on Crochet.Community for a long while now. Recently I haven't done much crocheting, partly because of finances, and partly because of health. I lost some of my motivation after I had surgery in September for cancer. I am beginning to get it back though. Now I just need to get the funds for materials. Keep up the wonderful work you do. God bless you.

Linda Hurdle / flamingfountain1 flamingwarrior4@gmail.com