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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

Hit the yard sales again this morning. Micki and I started at a church first. This church yard sale "officially" starts the yard sale seaon here. They won't open the doors until exactly 7:00 which is a real bummer. They have collapsible bags to shop with. Most people headed for the clothes (yuk!) but I always go to the opposite side before anyone else does. I found a picture for my laundry room...

a mirror.....

and then I found the cans! I collect tin cans but only if they look like an original product; not the cutesy ones. I even found a Sucrets metal tin.

By this time, my shopping bag was full and I was carrying a few things in my arm. I found this crocheted basket, mix-match salt and pepper shakers, and a silverplated spoon.

A yellow polka-dotted Glasbake casserole..
 And then I hit the motherload!! I almost dropped everything I had when I saw this........

Who in their right mind would sell this at a yard sale for $4!!!! A bread box!!  WooHoo!!
And I only spent $9 for everything!!
Next yard sale, I found three beer glasses..

and this bowl that looks like depression glass, but I don't think it is.

Didn't do too good the rest of the morning, but I did find this painted picture that I thought was pretty.

And this rock and roll border. Wish there had been more. Oh well, there's always next week!



Anonymous said...

Ooo, Charlotte, I'm coveting your Twinings aqua tea tin ;) And would you look at that red tole-painted bread box! What a treasure.
Hey, I gave you a shout-out on my PS post this week cuz I love your blog!
Take care,

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Charlotte, I love all the tins you found, I also collect them, then I saw the bread box....oh my, it is so retro! Love it!

Jenny said...

That breadbox alone I would have paid 9.00 for! Oh you lucky duck you!!

Julie said...

Hi, Charlotte: What a lovely blog you have! Wonderful family, too.

You know they always say you can tell how a man will treat his wife by how he treats his mother!

Thanks for the welcome and stopping by my blog.

Unknown said...

WOW!!! You sure hit the mother lode that is for sure! I really LOVE that bread box!

Have a great weekend!