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Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Goodwill Finds

After visiting mom at the "Continue Care Hospital" in Pineville, Pam and I visited Black Lion and Goodwill. Pam didn't find anything, but I did!
At Black Lion I found some gnomes and had to get one for me, Janet, and Micki!
Isn't he cute? I made one with Clemson colors....
...and a smaller one....
Believe it or not, the smaller one was more time consuming to make than the bigger ones with legs!
At Goodwill, I got this beautiful teacup wreath for $3.99...

Stocking holders .....
$2.99 (has the original tag $15.99!)....
$2.99... (still in packaging $7)....
Frog wine holder $3.99.....
 Small rocker $1.99....
 I also got this thimble at Black Lion $5.....
Isn't this doily art beautiful? 
I want this sign!
Junking therapy....best medicine ever!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Birds and Octopus!

I've been crocheting some fun patterns lately.
Claude the Octopus from Simply Crochet magazine Issue 46...
 This is an easy pattern but time consuming once you start the tentacles!

More budgies from Crochetspecs....
and a Cardinal from Freepatterns.com..
I don't like his beak but I didn't have any smaller yarn!
What will I make next? Trust me, it will be crochet!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday news

Not much happening here. Another one of my classmates died this week! That makes two in a month's time. Makes you scared and sad at the same time. Am I next? I hope not.
I've been crocheting a few things. I have found some great designers on Instagram and one of them is from Australia @crochetspecs. She designed a budgie (parakeet) pattern and this is my first one....

I used Hobby Lobby Soft Secret for this one. I bought some smaller yarn, Patron's Grace, to try next. I ordered some safety eyes but in the meantime I used some beads for the eyes. The pattern called for 8-ply yarn for the black in the wings, but it was too bulky for me. So, I used size 10 thread!
I also finished this Sedona Wrap by Elizabeth Ann White for BellaCrochet. I won this pattern from her a couple of years ago and just now made it!

Ignore the granny vest that's peeking out! I used some yarn I bought a yard sale this summer. No label!
I visited the local thrift store Friday and found this for the babies...
I also got these two ladies ......
That's all for now.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow and crochet

As PeeWee Herman said, "It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snow-ho-hoing!
That probably went over some people's heads! I love watching PeeWee!

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is safe and warm. I'm going to crochet and finish binge-watching "Shameless" on Netflix. I always wait until a show is either years old or cancelled. Go figure!
When I was in the ninth grade (1967-1968), I stayed after school to learn to knit from my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Betty Dickson. I was hooked! Then in 1971, my ex-husband's aunt gave all the girls (except me) a granny-square vest. I was only 18 and so disappointed! So, with a Woman's Day magazine, I taught myself to crochet. I found this pattern booklet....
 .....and 45 years later, I finally made one!

I also made a poncho....

Thanks for the inspiration, Shelley Oldenburg!
That's it for now! Stay warm and crochet!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What I've been crocheting

I couldn't show you some of my crochet projects before Christmas because some were gifts to my girls. If you crochet and follow Facebook, you know about the planned pooling craze. I figured out a method that worked for me and was inspired by a fellow Facebook crocheter to make cowls with my planned pooling. She also inspired the twisted fringe.
This one is not planned pooling but same concept. The yarn was from a yard sale buy.

Love this colorway from Red Heart With Love yarn.

My favorite one was made using Loops & Thread Impeccable.

I Love This Yarn in West Virginia gold and blue. A clearance yarn from Hobby Lobby. I also made a hat with this yarn.

I made a few gnomes for Christmas. This is a pattern from Simply Crochet magazine.

Then the Messy Bun hat craze took over! I sold ten before Christmas!

Popular request was for Clemson orange and purple!
This one looks pink, but is actually orange and purple.
My beautiful grand-daughter, Kayla, modeling hers.

This is a Marly Bird design. I sold two of these.

I've started and frogged a couple of projects since Christmas. I'm currently working on a poncho and will show you when I finish.