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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday news

I finished the baby blanket last night. Working with this small yarn took forever!

We received word this morning that Justin's ex-brother-in-law died. He was Justin's favorite BIL and I know this news upset him more than he'll let people know. I'm so glad we visited him last week. Rest in peace Donnie.
On a brighter note, my new grandchild will be born tomorrow afternoon! So excited to find out if it's a boy or girl! I'll post pictures after the big event. I'm sure Holly will be glad when its over!

Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm featured!

Have you seen the October issue of Crochet World? My Rose Garden afghan is in the "Back Talk" section!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

West by God Virginia!

Justin, the boys, and I packed up and left early Friday morning headed for West Virginia. Justin's ex-brother-in-law was in poor health and Justin wanted to visit him before it was too late. Also, Justin's mom and dad have moved back, so we wanted to visit them also.

 Once we settled in at the motel, we went to the in-laws for a visit. After eating supper, we visited with the brother-in-law for a while. When we came out of his house to go home, the bottom fell out and a huge storm kept us trapped underneath his carport for at least 30 minutes.
Flash flooding warnings were issued. I have never really seen so much water after a rain!

 The next morning and breakfast, we headed back to the in-laws, but not before stopping at a couple yard sales! The only thing I got was this plate............
Justin visited his old high school.............

..........and one of his uncles...................
 His uncle has a prize ginseng root that he found in 1995! Wow!
Justin's cousin had some old train sets that Justin bought from him........
 ..............he gave me the disco ball!
 The billiard balls were also in the mix and I claimed them!
He gave this set of wheels and axle to Sloan...............
At another uncle's house, Justin bought this mini-bike.................
Of course, the men had to stop at the local taxidermy shop...........

Deer were everywhere! We saw them in people's yards, gardens, fields, even behind the motel where we stayed! What a treat!
The funniest sight was watching the boys and Abby everytime the train came by. Just like Honey Boo Boo, they hollered, "Train" and ran to the tracks to watch the passing train! The train tracks are behind the in-laws house.

 The scenery was beautiful but Justin was going so fast around the mountain that I couldn't get pictures. He did stop long enough for me to take a picture of this barn with a quilt block on the side. There were several others that were much prettier.
 This is just an old barn that I snapped as we whizzed by!
After a long day of visiting kin folks, we headed back to the motel but decided we wanted to go home to SC. So we quickly packed the truck and hit the road. This one of the tunnels we have to go through in West Virginia............
 ...........driving through the night...............
 We were making good time when all of a sudden the interstate became a parking lot at 1:30am! We sat for at least 30 minutes before traffic finally started crawling again. Justin took a brief nap while we waited.
As we suspected, there had been a wreck ahead. A tractor-trailer had left the road and was in the trees. Don't know if anyone was injured. Finally got home around 3:00 am and fell into bed!
Going to sit around and rest today! Back to school and work tomorrow!