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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

School days

Della's official first day of 4 year old Kindergarten!
Slow down, baby! You're growing up too fast!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday News

 Micki and I went "hunting" for yard sales. While we found a few, we had to go a little further than normal. Micki drove and I rode 'shotgun'. She said I didn't know how to give directions. I told her she was going to have to tend to me when I got older. We both got a good laugh out of that one!
Here's what I found.....two plates 25 cents each....
Here they are on my wall......
...a rug for Holly $10........
 ...and a small one for Maxel's room $2 and a large metal "C" for me $2.......
The "C" still had a $29.99 tag from Hobby Lobby! Here's where I put it for now...
Miniature houses 50 cents each. I'm starting to get a real collection!
 Elephant shelf sitter and monkey $1 each. I thought the monkey was a shelf sitter too until I tried putting him on a shelf!
So, this is where I put the monkey.......
...and here's the elephant.....
Isn't this salt & pepper set cute? 50 cents...
 I got this captain's chair for mother for $10. She's been having trouble getting up from her dining chair. Hope this helps.
 A giant clothespin 50 cents, "retired" sign 25 cents, and a ceramic ram 25 cents...
 A miniature chair $2 and a stool 25 cents....
 Pans and plate hanger 50 cents each. I used the plate hanger on the small dish above.
 A new grilling spatula 50 cents and wall protectors 25 cents.
We had to get a new stove this week. The bottom drawer is a broiler!
Janet, Rodney, and Kayla are at the beach for a few days. So we're keeping their dogs. This is Bam (Bam-Bam). He's about 14 years old and has lost his teeth, Sweet old man!
This is Ollie. He's a sweetheart too.
But his brother, Gizmo, is another story! He's barks all the time but is scared of his own shadow. I couldn't get a separate picture of him, so here they are all together. He's the one in the middle.
 Here's a better picture. That's Gizmo on the right.

I made this afghan for my niece.
I also made the part#1 of the Peacock Tail Bag Cal.
That's all, folks!


Monday, August 15, 2016

We had Della and Maxel's birthday party yesterday. Maxel got a "Lamborghini " that all the kids wanted to ride!
This was so cute!
It was like Christmas!

Sloan started high school today...
Thank God school started!
This is what we saw on the way to the party! See the shoes in the window? The tag is "Luk Stf"


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Saturday News

Not enough yard sales out to even attempt hunting! Too hot! But there was one near our home, so Justin and I stopped on the way to Rock Hill. I didn't get anything, but he got a couple of great finds, even though I had to point them out to him! He got this Martin house for $5....

It even had the telescoping pole with it. The best find was this antique Dietz 30 Beacon light for $20.....

I googled it last night and found one for sale on Ebay for $145! These were made fron 1890 to 1945. The top cap is missing but he said it had never had kerosene in it!
We took a wooden swing set to Della and Maxel yesterday afternoon. Della's 4th birthday was Monday (August 8) and Maxel's 2nd birthday is August 28th. They're going to have a combined birthday party this afternoon. This is how we found them yesterday....

 Della couldn't wait to try out the slide....

 Maxel had to have a helping hand from daddy......
 Even Daisy joined in the fun!
I'm working on a Owl afghan for my niece. Hope she likes it!

I want to invite you to visit a fellow South Carolinian to the blog world...https://beforetheroostercrows.blogspot.com. He was a couple of years ahead of me in school and his mother taught home economics. She also taught me how to knit when I was in the ninth grade.


Monday, August 8, 2016

Peacock fail

I finished my latest crochet project yesterday and I'm pissed! I used the correct yarn and hooks but it made up too small and I have 40 motifs left over! The pattern says it's supposed to be 43x56", but it only made up to 32x39"! I couldn't lay the 'feathers' as instructed and had to 'wing' it! No pun intended!

I guess I could use the leftover motifs for a pillow. Any ideas?