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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prayers for Gatlinburg

My heart is heavy for the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This area is our favorite family spot and we have plans for a vacation there next year. We have rented a cabin in Sevierville and pray all will be well by next year.
I can post a couple of my crochet projects today because they are not Christmas gifts.
Christmas Gnomes from Simply Crochet magazine!


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not much to tell

Been busy with Christmas shopping and Christmas crocheting. I can't show what I'm working on because somebody might see! I can tell you it's something I've never done before and quite frankly, it's almost whipping my butt! But it's not going to conquer me!
Janet, Micki, Pam, and I went to the Southern Christmas Show last Saturday. This is an annual thing for us and we had great fun. My feet and hips were killing me by the time we finished, but I'd do it again.
Holly brought the babies for a visit yesterday. Craig was working. Amelia is growing....

 I love Maxel's haircut! He's his daddy's mini-me!

Della is still a diva...

Declan came to visit also...
This sweet thing is now one year old! He has the sweetest disposition.

Josh is a sweetie too but particular as to who can hold him!
 Love these two!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday finds

Amazing how many yard sales you can find with the apps on your phone! Micki and I found quite a few this morning. I found another rug for Della $2...
Isn't this a cute rug? For my kitchen $1
There is a house that has regular yard sales that benefit the adoption of dogs. I found these stuffed animals for $1 each. Isn't he adorable?

 This one is a pocketbook.

50 cents each
 50 cents each also...
 Love the poodle ornament 50 cents. The Jim Shore "Curiosity" cat was $2 while the "Sadie" spaniel was $8. The people I bought the spaniel from was surprised to learn that Jim Shore was from this area and that he went to the same high school as me. He was a couple of years ahead of me.
 Brass cricket $2 and unicorn 50 cents...
 Brown Clorox bottle 50 cents and another sign for my kitchen...
 Vintage Santa Claus mug 50 cents, trinket boxes $1 each...

Angel bear 25 cents...
 "ELF" 50 cents...
 Vintage fish for the bathroom $2...
 Six placemats $1.50...
 Crewel picture 50 cents!
 Picture $2..

My best buy was this rattan cradle for $15! The lady I bought it from said her parents used it when she was a baby.
I think I might use it at Christmas to hold gifts.


Monday, October 31, 2016

Where do you put it all?

I've been asked what do I do with all of my yard sale finds. While this might scare a few folks, I love my home! It might look like hoarding to some, but it's organized hoarding! So sit back and take a tour of my treasures. The first picture is my collection of houses that I have recently started collecting.

My trinket box collection....
I made this ceramic tea set in the 80's.
My first curio cabinet was purchased to house my Las Vegas showgirl doll.

These shelves were once a window before we added the front entrance.

Justin made this cabinet for me when we first married.

This room was my son's but now it's the grandkid's toy room.

Birds in the bathroom...

My bedroom...
The quilt was made by Mother for me when I was a baby.
My "hand" collection...

I wish I could take close-up pictures of all, but that would really blow your mind!