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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday News

I really wasn't too interested in going to yard sales this morning, but Micki and I went anyway. There were several communities having sales but we drove by quite a few cause all they had was clothes or baby stuff. I did find a few things. How do you like this sign?
Della had told me that she liked the "Monster High" dolls. I found a suitcase with four Bratz dolls and their wardrobe for $5...
Did you know that in order to change their shoes the entire foot comes off??
She loved them! Even Maxel was having fun.
I did get him a couple of "manly" toys!
Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast $5...
Ceramic figurine $1...
Willow Tree 'Angel's Embrace' ...$1
Teacups 25 cents each...
More signs for my kitchen $1.50....
Framed dried flowers 50 cents. The lady told me a story about something to do with her mother, Austria, and edelweiss.
This sticker is on the back....
Wire basket $1. I'm going to use this in my deep freezer.
Horseshoe set $5...
Best deal of the day..................FREE!  Tabletop ironing board .......
 ...and a cat picture! Can't beat free!
I shared some pictures on Facebook and Instagram of how the power company trimmed the trees in my yard.

 The shade was gone!

They came back yesterday to trim the large oak and now we have NO shade!!!

 Poor thing! It looks pitiful!
 This is from the backyard. I told Justin that all it needed now was a few buzzards perching on it!
I went to Michael's yesterday while waiting for Best Buy to open. I only needed the Caron Simply Soft, but I couldn't pass up the Caron Cakes!
I needed the Caron Simply Soft to finish the flowers on this shawl....
Still working on the Nuts about Squares CAL.
That's all for now.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter weekend 2017

This is going to be a post with a lot of pictures! These are the only pictures I got of Maxel, Della, and Amelia because after we ate lunch, they went to Holly's parents. Isn't Maxel adorable?
Della loved her princess dress and fairy wings I found at a yard sale.
Grandpa holding Amelia.

While Janet and I were cleaning the kitchen (frowny-face inserted here), everyone else enjoyed playing in the yard and hiding easter eggs.

This is Abby, daughter of niece, Jessica. They came down from West Virginia for a visit.

Finally, Janet and I were able to get outside. See the tired look on my face?

Even Sloan liked the bouncy ball-pit!

Thursday afternoon, Justin started removing the old fence (19 years old) surrounding the pool.

 He finished putting the new fence up Saturday with help from Jessica and fiance, Billy.
Thought I'd end with a selfie of me and my love.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!