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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday News

Busy couple of days, at least for me they were. Doctor appointment Friday, mattress purchase, picking boys up from school, taking them to friends for sleepover, picking them back up, Maxel's birthday party, back to town for a bed frame purchase......and a couple of yard sales thrown in for good measure!
Here are my yard sale finds. A Leap Frog toy for Xander $1....
 Wall accents 25 and 75 cents!
 Cigar box 25 cents....
 Purse trinket box 50 cents
 Humpty from Puss in Boots movie 5 cents!
 16x20 frame $1.50......
 Graph paper and three vinyl binders 25 cents each....
I found some hibiscus and knock-out roses on clearance at WalMart...

 But the best find was this turntable, CD and cassette player for $30! This was at a yard sale in the same neighborhood where Justin is putting in a pool. He called me and told me about it. When I got there, he was leaving but got out of his truck and went back with me. I found the turntable and he bought it. It had NEVER been used!!
Here's the pool he's been working on.....
I posted yesterday about Maxel's birthday but here are a few more pictures....

 Maxel and mommy (Holly)....
 My step-great-grandson, Xander.......
 My great-grandson, Joshua, and my daughter, Janet.....
My daughter, Micki, was able to make the party.....
My mother made this Overall Sam quilt for Maxel. That's my baby sister, Tammy, in the background.
 "Miss Thang" was prissing around in her heels! Slipped and fell a few times but she got right back up!
Sloan's friend, Ben, is now a fixture at our house and was kind enough to pose for a picture with his new "dreads". (It's really just a hat with dreads attached!) Doesn't he have dreamy blue eyes?
I had planned on going to the Southern Women's Show this weekend, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I guess it's just a 'put your feet up and rest' Sunday!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy Birthday!

My youngest grandson, Jefferson Maxel, turned one year old today!

Happy Birthday Maxel!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Silver Anniversary

Fifty years ago today, my parents moved our family from Charlotte, NC to a small town in South Carolina called York.

 I was 12 years old and thought we were moving from to a place where the people would be country bumpkins. Yes the town was smaller than I was used to but was I surprised to find that the kids were farther advanced in school than I was! I was starting the seventh grade and knew no one! Because of where our home was ( four miles from town), we had to ride the school bus with the kids from the neighboring town called Sharon. Ironic that the elementary school I just left was called Sharon Elementary! It was located near what is now the Southpark Mall, but years ago it was also where my mother went to high school!
Riding the school bus with kids you didn't know was hard. The boys from Sharon thought it was funny to make fun of me and call me Charlotta. To this day, I cannot stand for anyone to call me that! The kids on the bus were also a "little rougher" than I was used to. It wasn't long before I had learned curse words that I had never heard before! There was a fight on the bus at least twice a week.
Because I had to ride the "Sharon" bus, the kids from York thought I had gone to school through sixth grade in Sharon. They never acknowledged that I was a "new" kid! The classwork was hard because I had not been taught the "new math" at my old school. I almost failed seventh grade! Who knew that "a+b=c"?
But I made it through school, made some new friends, and graduated in 1971.

Happy 50th Anniversary! Welcome home!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How I make a graphghan

This post is to answer any question about how I work my graphghans. I always shied away from any crochet project that required changing colors in the middle of a row. But a couple of years ago, I finally tried Tunisian crochet and fell in love. So I thought if I could do that then I should be able to follow a graph! The first color change project I tried was this Indian Blanket.
Okay, that was easy. This one carried the colors across and there were no bobbins. So then I got braver and made this Spirit Bear for my sister's cabin.
Okay I'm getting braver. I found lots of Facebook groups where there were so many people making graphghans. I'm the type of person that is not going to sit back and let someone else do something without trying also. So I bought this pattern from a Facebook friend. This was a written pattern and not a graph and was easier to follow. I would rather follow a written pattern for any crochet project I do.
This lovely lady also made this pattern for me after I sent her a picture of my high school mascot.
I was hooked, no pun intended!
One of the Facebook groups had a 'class' in how to make your own written graphghan pattern. Teach me graphghan  is the Facebook group. So I followed the instructions and the rest is history. The first thing you have to do is find a picture. Then you download it into GIMP. This is a free download. You also need KPG to convert your picture into a written pattern. I then copy and paste into a text document so that I can "find and replace" any text needed. Such as "colour 1" would be replaced with "red" , for example.
I hope this helps. If you need any assistance making your own written graph, feel free to contact me.


You got to be kidding!

Last night, at 10:00pm, after completing 106 rows, I laid my crochet project on the floor to check my progress. WTF! The "G" is backwards!!!!
 This is how it should look!!!!!
So, I jumped into the "frog pond" and started ripping! 41 rows back! I know what happened and should have thought about it sooner! The pattern only called for one row of white at the beginning but because the sides have two stitches of white on each side, I added another row. I didn't think that would make such a big deal but apparently it did! The only hard part of ripping the rows out was the color changes. Luckily, this is an easy afghan or I would really be pissed!
On a lighter note, Justin and I went down to Janet and Rodney's for a hamburger supper. I was going to drive the car but Justin said he would take me on the 4-wheeler. Now, I am 62 years old and have NEVER rode a 4-wheeler! Trust me, this was my first and last time!

 The hardest part was getting my right leg over the seat! Ten years ago, this wouldn't have been a problem, but since my spinal damage in 2007, it was nearly impossible! Luckily I can still walk but not as fast or as balanced as I once could. That man in front of me is my saviour. If not for him, I would be paralyzed or dead! God blessed me with a loving husband.


Saturday, August 22, 2015


 Today is the annual Summerfest in downtown York. I'm staying home! Years ago, I would have been one of the first to attend because there used to be loads of craft vendors. Now, there is just food vendors and kids activities. The only thing worth going for is the car show. There is an antique show at a local church but even it wasn't that great. They normally charge $3 just to look but this year it was free. Sorry York, you disappointed me.
We had a new heat pump/ac unit installed this summer. It is a gas heat pump so that entailed connecting to the gas line on the other side of the road.

Remember these from a earlier yard sale?
 I dry-brushed them with a pale pink, antique white, and pale teal acrylic paint.

I did stop at a couple of yard sales this morning and found these beanie babies for $1 each. The dogs are for Pam's granddaughter, Vivien. She probably has some of them but if she doesn't want them, I'll keep them.
 The bear and bird are mine.
 The bear is for Pam's cabin.
 I couldn't pass up this large amount of colored pencils for $1. I've been thinking of investing in an adult coloring book. Have you seen these at Hobby Lobby? Beautiful picture to color.
Look what was on the front porch when I came home from town!
I picked him up and he hissed at me. I put him in the yard and when I checked later, he was gone. I think he went under the deck around the pool.
Don't know what I'll do the rest of the weekend but it won't be too strenuous! Have a great weekend!