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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, again!

Well it snowed again! But we are lucky, because this is a rare occurrence for South Carolina. It is beautiful, though.
I love the sun and water, but I'm not brave enough to become a member of the Polar Bear club.
Poor Roscoe!
Our grandkids, Sloan (7), Kayla (12), Ashton (17) and Gavin (11).

Rodney fell while trying to push Sloan down the hill.

Wednesday afternoon, Justin & the boys were outside playing catch when they noticed the rainbows.
Our oldest granddaughter, Ashton (17), walking home from the bus stop. She is my oldest daughter, Janet's,oldest daughter. That sounds confusing, doesn't it? They live behind us down a winding road.

And finally, a message from a 7 year old. Ain't that the truth?

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Ann said...

What a beautiful family you have, Charlotte! I love the note from your grandson, what a precious message.
We had snow this week in East Texas, too. It is so beautiful, but thankfully, it will be gone soon, lol!