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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1st game of the year.

Warming up before the 1st game of the season. It's only a scrimmage game, but this is Gavin's 1st game. The 'big boy'is Grandpa Justin.
Grandpa Justin is calling the strikes and balls. He is helping coach the team.
Sloan is too busy playing to watch his big brother play ball.
The fans - Micki (Gavin's mom), Janet, Craig and Holly. It was cold!

Playing third base.
Waiting in the dugout...........................
Ready for the pitch........................

Swing batter,batter! He got a hit even though he was out at first! Darn! Well, at least he hit the ball and didn't strike out!

AAAGGGHHH!! My son-in-law and Gavin's dad, Timmy. He's just getting off from work. No, he doesn't work in a coal mine! He works for an asphalt company. I have no idea what he has been doing to get this dirty!


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CC said...

Good luck to your grandson...hope he does well and has lots of fun with his ball games..