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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Junkin and the Prom?

Boy, this weekend was a great one for yardsales! Almost every one Micki and I stopped at, we had to dig thru boxes! That's where the treasures are because some people will not dig. But I sure do! I found all kinds of goodies! I bought this chicken pitcher for mother and the cat one for me.

Two sets of salt and pepper shakers. Micki said I picked the strangest things, but she is too young to really know what is from the past and could be collectible. Also, some cool chopsticks.

Toucan Sam, the Michelin Man, crying baby and a cup " To my Half Ass Friend"!

A crab bottle holder (also my zodiac sign!)
Brass monkey, that funky monkey....oops, that's the Beastie Boys, isn't it? An egyptian dog, a butterfly trinket box (for Holly) and a mini shamrock teapot.
Betty Boop (Holly again) and a crystal gift box. Both of these are going to be put up for Christmas gifts.
Paper plates for a baby shower. Micki and I have decided to start buying for the future "grandbaby"! They just got married last week, but there's no reason to wait until the last moment! :)
This wedding topper sells in WalMart for $15; I got it for $2! Somebodyhas to get married some time in the future!

I never wanted a chocolate fountain until Craig and Holly's wedding. It was such a hit with everyone especially the kids. $2 !! Micki found a vintage cheese fondue pot for $2!

Brass (?) swan planter and a crocheted basket.
A Volkswagen stapler!

Nursery rhyme material. Mother is going to embroider nursery rhyme blocks and use this as the backing for a baby quilt.

Potholder thing-a-ma-jig

A miniature cuckoo clock. The girl on the swing is suspended by a spring and she bounces up and down! Cute!
Two Coke signs for Justin.
Eiffel tower, Donald Duck, Gumby, mini-me Gumby, bluebird, 2 mini deer, Disney character (can't recall his name but I know he's from the Goofy movie), a thimble from Colorado for Mother, and a set of West Bend salt and pepper shakers.
A silk foxglove plant for Mother.
 A neat box and inside I have eight drawer pulls like the one shown and three knobs. They were 10 cents each!!! I am thinking about painting them black so they will match.
Three Mad magazines from 1968! The back cover is loose from each of them but they are in good condition otherwise. I remember reading the one with Bonnie and Clyde! The one with LBJ has a poster and bumper sticker inside! I'll show more on a Vintage Thingy Thursday!
Also to be included is a Jot em' down Store party book from 1939! My daddy used to answer the phone "Jot em' down store, Lum and Abner speaking"! People would go "Huh?" and think they had the wrong number!
and a Yogi Bear Little Golden book.
This bike was in someone's front yard at a yard sale we stopped at. I'll bet the American Pickers could do something with this!
And last but not least, the prom picture! This is my 17 year old granddaughter, Ashton, and her friend, Nick.

Keep on junkin!



Anonymous said...

Love the cat pitcher!!!

~Mary~ said...

Talk about treasures! You did indeed find them. I'm drooling over that chicken pitcher and that nursery fabric is adorable!!! And I thought the same thing about that bike concerning the American Pickers! Great Minds think alike!!