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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally finished!

I finally finished the tablecloth I started before Christmas! I had intended to give to Craig and Holly for a wedding gift, but it was a bigger project than I anticipated. Maybe if I hadn't spent so much time blogging I could have finished it sooner. But then I wouldn't have met all of my blogging friends. I took it to Mother's to take pictures because her dining table is darker than mine. By the way, I could use her table as a vintage thingie because she has had it forever. The top has been laminated, but it still has the original chairs with it. I remember when they got it in the late 50's. Back to the subject..
Isn't it gorgeous? There's the butterfly that started this whole thing.

Holly told me the other day that she reads my blog once in a while. Here's hoping this isn't the time she decides she wants to read! If you are reading this Holly, close your eyes! Maybe you won't remember by Christmas! Love my sweet daughter-in-law!


Linda said...

That is gorgeous! Holly is a very lucky daughter in law, getting this tablecloth and you for a Mom in law!

glor said...

This is absolutely stunnnig! What work you have done. A heirloom and treasure for sure.

LV said...

I am sure all your work is beautiful.(Mine sure was) Having not seen all of it, I still think this tablecloth wins a prize. It is absolutely out of this world. So much work and time. You no doubt have some very pretty things laying around. I have crochet on nearly everything. I will have to feature some of it later.

Agusiek said...

Very impressive crochet tablecloth!!!:))

CC said...

Ohhh Charlotte,
oooo and ahhhhhh and oh my gosh !!!!
It's just a beautiful work of art. Your should enter this in some fairs or shows...it's beyond gorgeous.
I've only attempted filet crochet a couple of times..just gave up in frustration..ohhhh,this is just so pretty.