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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pitiful yard sales this week!

I was so excited to go yard saling this weekend. I had a long list that included 2 churches and 3 neighborhoods. Oh they were there alright, but the treasures weren't! (sob) If we had been expecting or had a baby, we would have racked up! One neighborhood had nothing but baby stuff at almost every house! Oh well, I have had some good weekends so I guess it's time for a bummer. I did find a few things though.
These were found at different yard sales. The two little teacups and saucers are precious and are stamped "Made in China". The lone teacup is stamped "Colclough China, made in London, England." The bowl in back (left) has no stamp nor does the gravy boat dish. Don't care, they are pretty and unusual.

I found this butter dish and thought it was nice. It has some crazing but no stamp.
How about this platter? I did make a picture of its stamp because of what it says.
Designed by Bess Myerson. The Homer Laughlin China Co. I researched and Bess Myerson is the first Jewish woman to win Miss America in 1945. That's who I thought she was when I found this platter.
This is just a pretty plate and teacup. The spoon had been hot glued to the plate and the lady that I bought it from said it was a bird feeder! When I took it out of the dishwasher, the spoon had come off! Yeah!
Two Hardee's mugs from 1986. My sister had just asked me the other day to find her one because she liked drinking from them. I had one in my stash and gave it to her. She didn't want to take it, but I told her I would find another and I found two!
The mugs were found at an estate sale along with this Campbell's Soup fork and London spoon.
A Red Hat lady .... isn't she lovely?
A laptop case for $1!
An adjustable hole punch for 25cents.
Weight Watcher's cookbooks for my sister and The Notebook. Cried through the movie, so now I'm going to read the novel.
Two boxes of Christmas ornaments $2 apiece. I might give these to Holly and Craig.
The last yard sale we went to, Janet stayed in the car and Micki and I went to investigate. From the road, it looked like another bummer, but when we got to the garage, jackpot!! These ladies had a beautiful quilt they were raffling off and oodles of fat quarters and patterns! I didn't take any pictures of the fat quarters and quilt patterns I bought for Mother because I took them to her after we got home. But I bought this pattern because I "may" attempt to make a purse! Notice I said "attempt"! I haven't sewn in a while.
Micki works in the cafeteria at the Jr.High school. They are building a new high school that is supposed to be open this fall. She called me at work the other day and asked me if I wanted a sewing cabinet. They were selling the ones from the old high school for $10! Of course, I said yes!! Here it is....

Good deal,huh? Even came with a stool! Now, I need to put my sewing machine in it and start using it! Wish me luck!



Cathy said...

Hi Charlotte,

Yesterday I hit a ton of yard sales and church sales.

I spent $5 at the church sale and filled a box completely overflowing with awesome stuff, especially great holiday treasures. Lots of vintage items too.

Look like you did really well yourself.

Have a great Sunday.

xo Cathy

Creative Carmelina said...

well! i think you did alright after all!

love the little plate in the first photo....it's shape is eye catching...and the adjustable hole punch is awesome!

thanks for sharing...and for popping in!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Jane said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot to me. I love the china pieces you found. I have really been drawn to china lately.
Great deal on the sewing cabinet and stool...now you'll have someplace to make that purse :-)

Faith said...

Not too bad there girl..I like the dishes with the roses.very pretty,something I would consider. Good luck with the purse..I started one a while back a WIP..maybe when the weather turns again I'll finish her up. Nice sewing machine table...can't beat that...have a good week...

Linda said...

You may not have found a lot but you found some good stuff!!! The Bess Myerson design platter is my favorite!

Debbie said...

Hi Charlotte!~ Nice to meet you neighbor, I am in Tega Cay:) How do you like that? I love it when I meet people from around my neck of the woods. You still scored pretty darn good there!~ Love the red hat lady, she is a hoot. Tea cups, I collect them too....and the WW cookbooks big score there, they are soooo expensive. Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I look forward to seeing your finds more. Just if you do not mind putting my link on your post...and mentioning it is my party...that way others can join in the fun too:)!~ See ya soon. Debbie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I had a bust yard sale weekend too. The first in a long time. And one of them was a church yardsale, which I usually always find great stuff at....but not this time. But there's always next week....right? Love your Bess Meyerson piece!

Anne Fannie said...

I love all your finds! I love yard sales too!

Sue said...

I think you made out like a bandit, as the saying goes!! You found some great tea cups and the bowl and gravy dish are precious. I don't care where things were made- if they're pretty, they're mine! LOL Good buy on the sewing machine cabinet. Get to work putting your machine in it! Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.
:-) Sue

Sailing Simply said...

Wow! You did pretty good for not such a good day there! I surely enjoyed hearing about your finds and your yardsale adventures. I used to have those Hardess mugs..haha! I am adding you to follow! Thanks for your comments on my blog too. And yeah, I am a lazy yardsale shopper..no early riser here! LOL!

miss corner cape said...

love that sewing cabinet. i think a little paint wouldn't hurt that, either. i am definitely painting that planter i got, believe me. thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner! hope to see you again.

Nancy said...

Hi, Is this the post with the butter dish you were talking about? The brown one with the touches of color? It is transfer ware and I'm pretty certain it's Japanese, not English. I think it's by Nasco and may be the Woodland pattern. Not 100% sure but almost! Very cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog!