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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard Sale poor

I titled this post "Yard Sale poor" not because that's my financial state afterwards, but there were so many yard sales out yesterday that we couldn't find all of the great bargains as we normally do. There was 4 neighborhood yard sales and 3 church yard sales, not to mention the many individual yard sales! This week Janet, Craig and Holly joined Micki and me. We started out around 6:45 am. We went to the first church yard sale and it was larger than normal. There were a couple of people who should have had their stuff at a flea market instead of a yard sale because they were trying to make money, not get rid of their junk. I cannot stand to go to a yard sale where the person selling wants close to what he paid for the item. It's a yard sale, not Wal-Mart! Anyway, I found a couple of little items and when I got to the car, this is what Micki had bought...

Isn't this the cutest thing? I hem-hawed about not finding it first and she laughed and said, "I bought it for you. I just wanted to see how long you would fuss because you didn't find it first." That's my girl!
Normally, after hitting the yard sales in town, it's about 8:30 or 9:00 when we start hitting the sales in Rock Hill ( about 15 miles away). But this morning we were only halfway to Rock Hill and it was already 10:30! Craig and Holly left us at this point because they were going to the Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill (Holly's hometown).
I found this cute pocketbook and once again Sue from "It's a Very Cherry World" came to mind...

A couple of 'beach' things to hang around the pool...
Have you ever listened to Brother Dave Gardner? He is hilarious! I remember listening to this record when I was a teenager. I bought the CD set a couple of years ago but I found this LP yesterday..

A Gooseberry Patch Christmas book and another Flannie Flagg book. After reading 'Fried Green Tomatoes', I buy any book she has written. I also bought 2 quilting books for Mother and 2 cookbooks for Holly.
I found another ship bookend ,like I posted about for Thursday's VTT, a brass fish , a pocket watch (needs a battery) and a 'pearl' necklace and earrings.
Got to have my glassware! A 'Crown Royal' glass, a 'Budweiser' glass, and a "Charlotte Hornets/Budweiser" glass. I have been finding this last type of glass almost every week and everyone loves drinking from them.
A lamb planter. This is quite a large one.
I believe this is a spoon rest..
I found these butterfly pictures after Holly and Craig left. She will be tickled to get them..
and these butterfly plates and a butterfly pin.
I bought this Tupperware container to use at our annual 4th of July cookout. I'm sure I will find other uses for it.
I'm going to use this to display some of the dishes that I have collected..
And I couldn't go yard saling without finding a couple of mirrors...
A giant spider for Justin to use at Halloween...
At one of the neighborhood yard sales, a lady had a box full of 'Boyd's' teddy bears for $2 apiece! I wish I could have gotten them all, but I bought this one to put with the other "grandbaby" collection.

Isn't it adorable? All in all, it was a pretty good day even though it was 12:30 before we got home! Until next week!


glor said...

My goodness, you certainly have a knack at finding such great items. Enjoyed looking at your finds.

talesfromagarden said...

I just wish I was living on your side of the world! What great finds and at bargain prices! I love the toilet roll holder, the budweiser and charlotte hornett glasses and mirrors! Great finds!

~Mary~ said...

I adore the lamb planter. And I agree about those who overprice their yard sale items.

Tracey said...

that's a pretty big haul! Love your mirrors

beck said...

Wow, you found so many fantastic things!! Thanks for visiting my blog, you're always welcome xo

Vonlipi said...

No wonder you're poor now! That is a lot of cool stuff you found!

I love yard sales!

teddybearswednesday said...

Some many wonderful things! You totally scored.

Linda said...

Great scores!! Love it and the butterfly plates are very sweet!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

What a good haul you got this past weekend! I love those butterfly dishes and that "cherry" purse is so bright and cherry! It was fun enjoyingyour yard sale adventure! can't wait to see what's next!


Pretty purse and butterfly tresures.
When should the "support group" have their first meeting?! LOL!!!
I think it's so addicting because of the great deals!!?
Thanks for the visit!
Deb :)