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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gavin's 12 years old!

This past Thursday was my grandson Gavin's 12th birthday. Boy, time flies! I remember being in the delivery room when he was born and carrying him to the nursery! We had a small family birthday party today for him.
He wanted a Grim Reaper cake!! Go figure!
Then we all headed to the pool. This is my oldest daughter, Janet. She has lost over 75 pounds and looks great! She went from a size 22W to a 16! Way to go!

This is my other daughter, Micki. She is still struggling with her weight but has lost 50 pounds! Keep going!

This is my baby siste r Tammy, grandaughter Ashton and her dad, Rodney. Rodney is so funny because he cannot swim and will not go any deeper than his shoulders!
This is my hubby, Justin, and our grandaughter, Kayla. He'll be complaining tomorrow about his sunburned scalp!
The birthday boy, Gavin.
Grandaughter Ashton.
Grandaughter Kayla and grandson Sloan.
Watch out Grandpa! Check out the white feet compared to his legs! Sock tan!!
I used to look like that loooooonnnnggg time ago!:)
left to right- Tammy, her daughter Olivia, her son Shane, Ashton, Janet, Rodney
Tammy and Olivia
Micki's husband Timmy
Grandma goes down the slide!!
Grandma gets dunked by Rodney and Justin!
We had a good time! See ya later!



Rose said...

happy belated birthday wishes to Gavin. looks like a great party and enjoying the pool. weight loss is terrific. cong. to both ladies.

glor said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!!! Good looking young man. Looks like a fun time was had by all.