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Friday, July 2, 2010

Pickin' and cleaning!

WooHoo! No work today!! At least not the kind you get paid for! We have today and Monday off  for the 4th of July. Justin had to work this morning, so after he left and I got my "chores" done, I headed for town. I knew of a yard sale that was scheduled for Friday and Saturday, so that's where I headed. Boy, this was a good one because the prices were reasonable.  I started by going through a couple of boxes and found these butterflies and dragonfly plan pick.

Then, I found this silverware box. It was empty but in good shape..

I'm sure I can find a good use for it.
A Mary Englebreit  Homeowner's Journal (50 cents)!
Picture of miniature wine bottle, teapot and mirror (25 cents)
Holly Hobbie twin sheet ... 25 cents !!!!
Trinket box 25 cents
Teacup and saucer ...25 cents
Two more teacups.. 25 cents each

The inside of the one on the left. On the bottom is.."L.Bernardaud &Co., Limoges, "Les Deux' Roses", copie d'une, "compagnie des Indes", XVIII
The one on the rights has.. Theodore Haviland, New York, Made in America, Springtime, 43.

I remember my grandparents having one of these.
A glass milk bottle..75 cents.
Snoopy pencil sharpener, Mr. Potato Head and a Troll doll. 25 cents each
A pair of sheer gloves..25 cents
A puzzle..25 cents
I spent $4.65 ! Not bad for a Friday!
After getting groceries and putting everything away, I started out to Justin's building. He gave me permission to straighten it up. Whoa!! He doesn't usually let me touch his junk, especially when I'm in a cleaning mood! This is the front of his building. He likes to collect signs, can you tell?

These are some before pictures...

Junky!!! Look at all these locks and keys he has laying around!! For what???
And after.....

Boy, was I tired! But satisfied with my work! Yard sales and cookout tomorrow!
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Debbie said...

Hi CHarlotte...guess where we ate today? Courtney BBQ on Kimgs Mountain rd, I think it was the street. OMG it was great, I am sure you have been there. We then hit, downtown clover area and an antique place that had JUNK and high priced JUNK...You made out...those holly hobbie sheets, I had those:) Cute tea cups too. Enjoy the weekend. My B & A party starts Wed, will be every other WED...so let's party some more! Thanks for joining in.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, good clean job, I like you love to clean and straighten! OK, so here is what I want..The trinket box and the silverware holder. I don't know what you could do with it, but if you come up with a great idea, do share. I see them often and they are so well built. Thanks for stopping!


Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

Beautiful teacups and saucer.

Linda said...

Hi Charlotte~ lots of great finds this week~ My favorite is the little trinket box! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments! I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Mary said...

Gosh girl you did Good! I love that holly hobbie sheet. And you know for months to come he won't be able to find a thing in his building LOL

CC said...

Hi Charlotte..
I dropped by to wish you and your family a safe and happy 4th. We're going to try and cook out also...yummmmmmmm.
I loved your sale finds..specially the tea cups.And since you've done such a good job clearing your husbands things,,,, will you come clear my craft and pattern area?????
Hugs my friend..ya'll have a safe and happy holiday.