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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy weekend

Good Sunday morning to all! Hope your weekend has been great! I have had a busy weekend so far. I took a vacation day from work Friday and enjoyed the peace and quiet. The grandsons and my niece, Olivia, spent the night with us Friday night. This was the first time Olivia has spent the night with us and I have a feeling it won't be the last! She lost her front teeth a couple of years ago after a nasty fall but it has not stopped her from being the sweet and lovable little girl that our family needs. She is the first granddaughter for my parents after twenty-five years of grandsons! Here is a picture my sister Tammy (Olivia's mom) sent me via her phone of Olivia's reaction to a roller coaster ride at Carowinds a couple of months ago. Her brother, Shane, is behind them.

Isn't that hilarious?
We have a coon getting into our garbage! I heard a noise Friday morning and saw him walking on our back porch.

My nephew, Jay, has set a trap for him but so far he hasn't caught the coon. Maybe I need to call 'Billy, the Exterminator'. Have you seen this TV show? This guy is crazy!
I've been working on a granny afghan lately to use up leftover yarn. I love the colors.

Micki and I went yard saling yesterday. Found a few things..

 Last but not least, how do you like my "flower arranging"? This is my front porch. I am very proud of how this looks. The flower stand was an old wrought iron one that my mother had for years. I  bought five plastic pumpkins from Wal-Mart (97 cents) and spray painted them black just enough to dull the bright orange to use a flower pots. The flowers are silk (I can't kill them! ) :) Hope you like. The screen door is also fake; it is propped up in front of a window. The real front door is around the corner.
Hope you have a great Sunday!



Holly said...

i love the flower arrangement. it is so pretty. so so so pretty. very fall like! see you shortly.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The flower arrangement looks so cute! Great idea to use the pumpkins like that.

Erin said...

The flower arrangement is gorgeous!!! And how deceiving that screen door is!!!! Just lovely.

Debbie said...

FYI I am on blogging break, however my friend Linda, who commented here is taking over my party from here on in...so hopefully you will participate with her:) Hope all is well.