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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dead leaves, mushrooms,spiders and green paint!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather! We need some rain, though. I started out Saturday morning by myself trying to find some yard sales but the ones I did find weren't that great. So after an hour, I just went home!
Ashton had a band competition Saturday in Rock Hill, so Justin, Gavin, Sloan and I went to watch her play. Sadly, they didn't place very high :( Oh well, you can't win them all.
Remember the Catalba trees I posted about in the spring? Remember how beautiful they were with their leaves and flowers?
Look at them now........

Crunchy, dry leaves!!!
Check out these humongous mushrooms!

This one is just nasty looking!!
Remember my playhouse that I wanted to paint? Well, Justin started painting it this afternoon. I absolutely love the color! Once he finishes with the playhouse, maybe I can get him to paint the house also. :)

Here's the spider I promised you...

Justin also mulched the front walkway. He's such a good husband, I think I'll keep him :)

I'll keep you posted on the painting. Have a good week!

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Cherie said...

Hi Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by today! I love the color of the play house also. In fact I just love the play house. Spiders though....lol
Have a blessed day friend!