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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Xmas parades are coming!

Brrr! The weather has turned cold here in South Carolina! I'm just glad I'm not in New York where they are having too much snow! Give me the sun and water anytime!
Hickory Grove had their annual Christmas parade yesterday even though it looked like it was going to rain us out. One of the highlights is almost every participant in the parade throws candy to the bystanders. You do not go to the Hickory Grove parade without a bag to put your candy in! It's better than trick or treating! Sloan is waiting for the next toss...

Kayla's BF and her dad,Rodney, put on the 'poor me' face for candy. Funny thing is, it worked! Everyone seemed to throw candy to them!

Kayla joined the Winter Guard and this was her first year marching in the parade.

Ashton had SAT's and was unable to make it to the parade in time to march with the high school band. Great parade!
I finished another afghan and I'm going to put the crochet hook down for a little while and try to finish reading some of the many books I have collected over the summer.

I have read all of these books in the last week. They are such great reads, that I finished each in one day! The last two Nicholas Spark books were started and finished yesterday. Two great books in one day! Tried not to cry but it was hard!
Hope you had a great week also. Talk to you later!


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