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Sunday, January 2, 2011

After Christmas Sales..

 Hope everyone has had a Happy New Year so far! I've been sick with a head cold, but I'm still alive! Have you been to any after Christmas sales? You can really get some good bargains! I found a pink Christmas tree for 50% off ..

I stumbled across a shop that had different vendors. I was in heaven! I will definitely go back to this shop for gifts! I love this penguin that I found there for 50% off..

At Books-a-Million, I got this cute snowman and Christmas hamster for 50% off...

I wanted some ice blue ornaments for my white Christmas tree and found some at Wal-Mart yesterday for 75% off!! That's 25 cents per container!

I also got some brown ornaments for 75% off ($1.25 each box)!

Hope you found some great bargains!


P. said...

You did get some good bargains! I had my eye on those ice blue ornaments at WM before Christmas, but then forgot all about them afterwards, ha.

I ran into a great sale today at the local Joann Fabrics, which is moving in a month to a bigger store. I bought a spool of machine quilting thread, some binding clips, and a half yard of fabric, and when I got to the register the total was...$3.85! You better believe I went right back and shopped some more! :)

The Retail Database said...

The sales are amazing this year. I think the weather left the shops with lots of stock to get rid of.