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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, sleet, ice, cold!!

The South has been hit with that nasty cold wet stuff called snow!! On top of that , it has sleeted and now we have icy-snow!! Ugh! The kids love it but not me! I was born in July and love the sun and surf.
Justin took me to work yesterday morning, but only a few people showed up and everybody went home by noon. I went in the house to hibernate, but Justin and the grandkids played out in the snow for a couple of hours.

I could probably get better pictures if I ventured off of the porch, but I am not equipped with the proper snowgear. Sneakers don't work too good in 5 inches of snow! And I am not about to put plastic bags over my shoes like we did when I was a kid! Do you remember doing that? Snow was and still is a rare treat for the South and so we don't have the clothing necessary for this type of weather.

The boys spent the night with us. Did you expect anything else? They would live with us all the time if their mother would let them.

Hope 'Old Sol' comes out with all of his strength and melts this stuff. I guess I'll attempt to go to work tomorrow. Looking forward to that :-)  NOT!!
See ya later!



Diann said...

It just amazes me that the South i getting so much snow! Here in Michigan we expect it and yet we are getting very little. Pretty pictures!

Clara said...

We are in the midst of a snowstorm now. I was talking with a store owner the other day who asked me if I liked the snow and I told him that frankly, at 52 I'm over it! He then said, "You mean to tell me you don't like coasting anymore?" I don't think so!!!!