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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh what a beautiful day!

What a beautiful Saturday! Justin and I went to a couple of yard sales this morning (that's all there was). Justin bought a box full of guns for Sloan for $2. There was a Red Ryder B-B gun, a pellet gun, a water soaker, a 'shotgun', and a 'machine' gun. What a happy boy!

He also bought some PS2 games for Gavin. At the second yard sale, we bought a chest of drawers for $5. This also went home with the boys. While at this yard sale, Justin started a conversation with the homeowner about dogs. He told them about our 'adoptee' and was surprised to find out that the homeowner worked for the Humane Society in Charlotte! He said they would gladly take our 'adoptee' and find her a good home! We have placed an ad in the paper and if no one calls by next weekend, we are going to give these people a call. How great is that?
I put my spring flowers out this afternoon while Justin and the boys went to baseball drafts. Do you like?

No, that is NOT a real dog! This is a beagle that I have had for years. Looks like a real dog, doesn't it?
Hope you had a great Saturday and an even greater Sunday. Talk to ya later!



Mary said...

Looks as though he's ready for any invasion!
Have you all looked on the internet for dachshund resue groups in the sc/nc area? Rescue groups are very picky as to who they allow adopt. Believe me we were awaiting to adopt a german shepherd for months, it was at a foster home. During the wait we found our dog. Mind you the humane society is awesome we have adopted all our pets from there also rescue groups do pull from HS when called upon. You might want to google "Dachshund rescue groups in SC" (or NC")

Tracie said...

It was a beautiful SC day today wasn't it! I think tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer! I wish I could get the puppy from you, I would love to have another Weinie dog. But, we have two dogs already. I am sure she will be adopted really fast. Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow!

Keetha Broyles said...

Spring flowers? Honey, we still got SNOW A FLYIN' 'round here!