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Friday, February 11, 2011

Progress report..

I just wanted to show you the progress on my latest doily. I've ripped a couple of rows because the count did not come out right, but I am now working on each edge. I've been watching some great old movies while crocheting. Dish Network is offering some premium movie channels free for a year and there are some great movies on these channels. The movies I have watched are "East of Eden" (I read the book a couple of summers ago), "Dead Ringer" (another book that I read years ago but the book is titled Twins) and now I am watching "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" (yes, another book!).
Any hoo, here's my doily................

I want everyone to know that I haven't forgotten you. I normally read a lot of my favorite blogs while goofing off taking a break at work, but my computer has been acting up! Today, I had a virus alert and almost didn't get back where I could actually work. This weekend promises to be beautiful so I will try to comment on a couple of your posts. Have a great weekend!


glor said...

The doily is beautiful Charlotte! Love sitting with the tv and a good movie and my thread and hook, a great way to relax. Enjoy.

Rose said...

beautiful hand work hope you are feeling better. take care rose

Rose said...

beautiful hand work hope you are feeling better. take care rose

Marie Anne said...

Beautiful work! I wish I could do more intricate work.

I need to remember about the free channels on Dish. Maybe I'll take a break and crochet in front of TV this afternoon.