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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Books,balls and flamingos..

Today was a beautiful day for yard sales and there were quite a few out. Sadly, I didn't find as much as I thought I would. I found more reading material along with a great 'no fat' cookbook..

Black and green Christmas ornaments....$1.50 a bag..

Sketcher's Tone-up flip flops ($2) and a beautiful frame for $3.

A 'gate' to use next time I have to 'puppy-sit'.... $1...

At one yard sale after you bought something, you were asked to draw a slip of paper from a bowl. This is what we won......the flamingos :-)

Here are the snowflakes that I have finished so far. I could do more if the book I'am reading wasn't so interesting..
This one is crocheted using the metallic thread. The gold ones are also.

We are under a tornado watch until 2:00am. Justin got caught in a terrible hail storm coming home from Charlotte this afternoon. It's storming right now!! Gotta go!!



TurtleDoveCoo said...

I hope your weather is much better today, Charlotte. The snowflakes are so pretty! Have a lovely Sunday!!

glor said...

Looks like you did do quite well after all. I especially love the crochet (you knew I would!). Great work. You certainly can knock out the work. Beautifully done. Have a lovely day.

vikki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..always nice to see other peoples creations and ideas..It is good inspiration for me..No I have never been to Albion IL...hope to see you again at my blog. Have a wonderful day

pattas said...

Well done on your yard sales,, they are so much fun :)) love the flamingos..
I love quick projects and your crocheted snow flakes are lovely..
Stay safe :))
Ps.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :))