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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello,is it me you are looking for?

Hey guys! I finally put my reading down to check on all of my blogging friends. Isn't this picture hilarious? I've been busy this week both at work and at home. Customer complaints and problem solving keeps me busy at work, while making sure I continue exercising on the Wii Fit keeps me busy at home. I hope I have lost some weight when I go back to the clinic this week. Gavin had two ball games this week, but I only went to the one Thursday night. They lost 7-5, but they are playing so much better than last year when the score would have been 20-0! I get so excited when one of them makes a hit and gets to a base. One young man hit a homerun! His parents were so proud.
Remember last year when I blogged about the racoon getting into our trash? We never could catch him in the trap my brother set, but Justin finally was able to shoot it the other night.

Sorry for the blood, but I took this picture the next morning after he told me about it. He shot a possum the other night when it tried to get into the trash. That's what you get when you live in the country.
Micki and I went to yard sales this morning and even though there were a lot advertised, there wasn't that many out. 99% of the ones we stopped at had 'baby' stuff. Sorry, but I don't need any of that stuff! I did find a dress and a couple of books (shocker!), but the best deal was at the last yard sale we stopped at. A youth group was having an indoor yard sale and Micki found this......

These sold at Wal-Mart for $109 at Christmas but I bought it for $20! Never been opened! Who would pay that much for a toy and never open it??? Sloan loves it. He had asked for one from Santa, but the price was too steep. This deal saved the day.
I hope everyone has had a great week. I will try to visit as many of you as possible (if I can stop reading these great novels!). Talk to ya later!


Mary said...

I have heard the racoons can be mean. One of Clays friends caught one in a cage. And tried using a long hook to open the cage to release it, the racoon was going wild. He finally had to shoot it in the back of the head.
We live in town & we see opossums a lot. One night we saw one walking our fence. About 10 years ago oen was in my moms laundry room. (it was in the garage). She flipped the light on and it was on the dryer. She screamed. It stood up and fell over backwards. I think they both were scared senseless. LOL

All That Glitters said...

That was a good deal on the toy!!! Toys cost wayyyyyyy too much!

Keetha Broyles said...

If you go around and take pictures of your city - - - save them and link up next week to "Sundays in my City" - - - or hurry up and link them up today!

I'm trying to get lots of ideas from others over there at SIMC so I can keep making new posts and linking up.

vikki said...

I love going to garage sales..usually don't find much, but once in awhile I find somethings!!Good catch on the toy