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Friday, April 15, 2011


Sorry I haven't been visiting any of my friends lately, but my world was turned upside down yesterday morning when my husband called me at work and told me someone had broke into his truck and cut the locks on our storage buildings. After calling the sheriff's department, he called me back to let me know that nothing had been taken. That was a relief but it still unnerved both of us. They had also pushed the window air conditioner in and broke the window to my 'playhouse'.
My mother lives next door, so my husband called her and told her to have my brother check around her house. They found the locks to her storage building and my dad's barn were cut. Again, nothing taken.
My mother and I do not have a dog, so that was the reasoning for only our homes being vandalized.
Then, yesterday on the way to my grandson's ball game, I saw a sheriff's car at a friends house. This friend works with me and I asked him this morning what was going on. Seems the same person had broken into two cars and only took a pack of cigarettes. This made me feel a little better knowing that we weren't singled out.
Looks like we are going to look into getting a dog.
Hope your week has gone better.


glor said...

Charlotte, that's awful! I'm glad nothing was taken but I cannot imagine how disturbing this is. Sorry for you. Blessings to you all.

Ági Decor said...

I'm very sorry for the damage but in this bad is sth good that only cigarettes disappeared. Yes, a doggie would always give any signal that sth is going on outside. Better to have even small one while living in a house. I wish you nice new family friend and I hope it will be found lucky soon ;)

vikki said...

Wow..I am glad nothing was taken and nobody was hurt. Hopefully they will find the ones responsible. On a better note..have a wonderful weekend

Mary said...

Charlotte, God was looking over you & your families safty.

I thank Him that you all are okay.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Charlotte! I'm so sorry about the vandalism. That sounds scary!
You should get a dog and post lots of pictures. I love puppies. I want one, but my husband likes green, green, green grass and is done with dogs. I enjoy other peoples' dogs now! I like your font and your background.