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Monday, July 25, 2011

How embarrasing!!

Rainy day here at the beach but we are still having fun. We went to the carnival Saturday night and I had an accident on one of the rides. I puked into Justin's hat!! You would think that a grown 58 year old woman would know better than getting on those crazy rides. But noooo! I get on several rides and the last one really did me in!

How embarassing!! Poor Justin! Poor Justin's hat!!!
Yesterday we went to the waterpark but I didn't wear my bathing suit because I was not going to do something stupid again. But guess who rolled her shorts up and rode the water tubes along with eyerone else?? Yep, me! I even went on the "toilet bowl" ride!! Had a great time.
Micki and Timmy went home yesterday and Janet and Rodney left this morning. It has rained almost all day so we went shopping!! Next best thing to laying on the beach!
Hope to get some pictures in the next few days.



LV said...

I learned that lesson a long time ago. I was begging and pleading for them to stop, but they would not. They had to take me off when it did stop. Never again will I ride anything like that.

glor said...

Oh Charlotte, never mind being embarrassed ... you must have been feeling so sick! That's ok, you did better at the water park! Good for you rolling up those shorts and getting in!

Jenny Woolf said...

[grin] these days my stomach doesn't like this stuff either. Hope you bought Justin a new hat....