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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grandpa shot Rudolph!!

No, not really, but Justin did get a small buck this morning.

Gavin and Sloan helped him drag it out of the woods. It weighed 160 pounds.
I've been making a few stockings that everyone seems to be making this year. Pattern here

The last one is for a big foot! I didn't count my rows correctly ;-( Oh well, nobody has to know but me! I had to go to Hobby Lobby this morning to get some more yarn to finish my afghan and found some buttons to put on some of the stockings. I'll show you those later. Have a great weekend!


Beverooni said...

What cute stockings. I love the colors you used.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Congrats on the deer! Your stockings look really cute. :-)


Happy Crocheting!
No one ever know about the secretly missed stitches, right?!!

Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina

LV said...

My big foot would be glad to have the one that you think is too large.

Snowcatcher said...

Those stockings are the cutest! Does Grandpa save the antlers? Stockings would be awesome hanging from them... wink wink! (I've seen them strung with lights, too.)

All That Glitters said...

My hubs hasn't shot the first deer all year! he's so mad! lol!