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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

Another day of freedom! Rainy, but I like how the house is dark and gloomy. I'll just sit in my recliner crocheting and watching TV. I finished another baby afghan using the yarn from the "crooked" one I posted about earlier. I just worked a large granny square because that is the only way I could tell where the stitches were.
I started working on a christening dress for my new grandchild last night.
I spent most of yesterday unpacking my office 'junk' from my job. I know it sounds like I am bitter about my job elimination but really I am so happy. I have been wanting out of that place for so long. I loved my job but the management killed all of that joy. Everyday you walked on pins and needles because you never knew when someone was going to run to the plant manager because you didn't smile at them or they didn't like hearing the truth.More times than one I have been reprimanded because I did not use my 'sweet-ass-kissing-voice' and someone told 'the wee-man'. That was my new name for the person who caused me the most grief.  Everyone in the plant, including his 'yes-men', felt the same way that I did. Lord forgive me and help me forget all of the hurt this person inflicted on me.
OK that's off my chest. Now it's a new life and I am going to enjoy it with my hubby and kids. I am so looking forward to warm weather and laying out at the pool. Bring it on!!


Debi Y. said...

Your granny square afghan looks pretty. :)

Beverooni said...

Sometimes we really don't know how miserable we are until we leave somewhere. Give yourself another couple of weeks and you will slowly feel all the weight lifted off of you that you have carried with you as this past job burdened you. You will feel like a new person. It's a blessing you are away from all that negativity.

Good luck in your future endeavors -- crochet till you drop!!!!!

vikki said...

Just think..more crocheting or knitting, or garage hopping..It will just take time to get used to. Enjoy it!! Blessings

glor said...

Pretty blanket Charlotte. And here's to your stress free days from now on. I too can enjoy a rainy, dark day. Candles lit and my crochet hook in my hand. Makes it a lovely day. Blessings to you.

DaCraftyLady said...

pretty colors

Michelle said...

Sometimes I wish I could lose my job. Unfortunately I am not the only one. It's sad when all your employees hate working for that one person. We all love what we do and the customers, just not the boss. We are waitress and cooks.