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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just wasn't meant to be ..

I went to my interview this morning at Cooley Group in Lancaster. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be :-(  While they were impressed with my resume, the time schedule just didn't work for me. I have worked 1st shift for over 25 years and do not want to work 2nd or 3rd shifts. And to drive for an hour one way at night is not for me either.
I am disappointed but I haven't given up. Maybe there is a job out there.
I'm almost finished with the baby blanket. I'll be glad to start something else.
Hope you have a great day!


Faith said...

hoping you find what's just right for you friend. You'll know it when you see it...We are "waiting" for that special moment here as well..keeping positive..don't get discouraged..timing is everything...that's what I keep telling myself. Consider this the "practice" interview, honing your skills, and answers, for they do ask the most ridiculous things...generally not related to the job or your work ethic...but questions given by someone who has never done the job they are asking you to do...so they come up with these questions...you'll get good at them..when the right opportunity comes along you'll just know and you'll be ready.

Beverooni said...

You are right to hold out for the job that is meant for you. I hope it comes along soon -- and it will.