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Saturday, February 25, 2012

OCD and Hoarding

My grandsons have got me 'hooked' on watching 'The Big Bang Theory" every night.
While Sheldon is hilarious, I see a lot of my 'quirks' in his acting. Here are some of my OCD symptoms:
1. "That's my spot" - I would get upset when someone parked in "my" parking space at work. Don't they notice that I park in the same place everyday? I can remember getting upset when someone was in 'my spot' in the canteen. I sat at the same table and in the same chair everyday! Don't rock my boat or move my cheese!
2. I have a routine that I follow everyday and if something or somebody upsets my routine, it will throw me off the rest of the day. Don't rock the boat or move my cheese!
3. I don't count the number of steps it takes to get from A to B, but I try to get from A to B the same way everyday.
4. Inanimate objects do have feelings! If I add more eggs to the tray, I must use the 'old' egg first or I will hurt it's feelings. Eggs have feelings, you know?
5. I MUST stop at a yard sale whenever I see one or it will literally make my heart race! I love yard sales and the thrill of finding a bargain. When we went to the beach a couple of years ago, I could spot a yard sale sign yards ahead and would tense up whenever Justin did not stop! I could have been missing the greatest bargain ever!
6. My yard sale finds sometimes pile up but they are not like the ones on TV. I eventually get rid of some of them, but it is hard.

These are just a few of my OCD and hoarding tendencies, but I am sure I have more. Don't we all? What are yours?



Debi Y. said...

I have my 'spot' on the couch too - and I count in my head when I'm doing repetitive things. The only kind of hoarding I do is with my crochet stuff. Have a great crochet day. :)

My Crafty Little Page said...

Haha - don't we all have those -uh- let's just call them "quirks". Know that feeling when I'm on my way into a sale and pass someone on their way out knowing they just bought everything that I would want for myself. But no, I'm not OCD!!! xo Nancy

Sandy said...

I loved your post.. The Big Bang is the only tv show I watch and how I laughed! I too have 'my spot'....
thanks so much for your visit to my blog and taking the time to read my 25 things...
have a great week!

Luna said...
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Luna said...
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Charlotte said...

In reply to Luna:
If I have to pay for a pattern and then find it posted on another blog, that is considered as stealing in my eyes. I noticed that you are scanning a lot of patterns from magazines which is a violation of copyright laws. I have the right to leave my opinion as I see it and will continue to do so. Sorry if you feel offended.

vikki said...

WEll Hello Charlotte..I have my chair, my things are organized to my way of thinking..and it drives me nuts when someone gets into my stuff. I will share..but let me get it for you. I have to look at pattern books in every craft store..just in case..but my worst OCD thing is I cannot let my food touch each other on my plate..have a great day