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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday finds

Yard sales are starting to pick up! Micki, my sister Pam, and I found quite a few this morning. I got a bookcase($5), silk orchid ($1), DVD ($2), books ($1ea), laptop 'thingy ($2)', a sign ($1), christmas lights ($1)...
I found this beautiful hummingbird figurine for $5. This will make a great Mother's Day gift.
Hummingbird trinket box ($1), the other's were only 10 cents apiece!
Isn't this silk orchid beautiful?
Can you believe I got the second and third book of the "Fifty Shades of Gray' series for $1 apiece? Micki had just bought these same books yesterday at the book store for $16 apiece!! Score! She is still seething about this great deal!
Micki bought this box for me for Mother's day. It looks like books.
This is the laptop 'thingy'...
 It's very comfortable on your lap and even has a light.
Hope you had a great Saturday!