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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy 14th birthday to my grandson, Gavin. I was the first person to see him when he was born and carried him to the nursery.
 He's such a clown! He keeps us all laughing!
 I didn't go watch my son wrestle last night because I can't stand seeing someone else hitting him even though I know it is all staged. Here's a picture Micki took....
Hope you have a great (and cool) week.


Debi Y. said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson. :)

I'm with you - I wouldn't be able to watch that either.

Hoots Cove said...

Happy birthday to your little man x I too would not be able to watch my Son doing that either x

retrorevival.biz said...

Hi Charlotte. I'm now following you ~ looking forward to reading future posts:)