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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yard Sale finds

Saturday morning started out cloudy and hot! My sister. Pam, and I found a few yard sales and were able to find a few things. Camping cookware $10 for Justin....

 Lady & the Tramp figurine 50 cents...Apple trinket box $1..including worm..
 Wallace & Gromit DVD..$1.......Bird cage seed catcher thingy...$2...
 Sandra Lee Cocktail Time ..$1
 But my biggest score was at the second yard sale. Four boxes of various yarn for $10. I had no clue just how much was in these boxes, but soon found out when we got home.

 Look at all this yarn!

I did a quick inventory and this is an estimate of what I bought...
  • Worsted weight----39 skeins and 10 balls
  • Chenille -----12 skeins
  • Lion Brand Suede ----18 skeins
  • Lion Brand Landscape ----3 skeins
  • Fisherman's wool --- 3 skeins
  • Lion Brand Wool Ease ----9 skeins
  • Chunky ----6 skeins
  • Red Heart Plush -----4 skeins
  • TLC Baby Amore ---- 4 skeins
  • Red Heart Cupid -----8 skeins
  • Red Heart Soft Baby ----4 skeins
  • Soft -----1 skein
  • Caron Fling ----1 skein
  • Lion Brand Micro Spun----2 skeins
  • Red Heart Luster Sheen ---6 skeins
My grandson, Gavin, said "Now you don't have an excuse to go to Michael's". DAMN!



laydilyke said...

Wow. Great score on the yarn! Love that Wallace & Grommet movie.

mommaof3 said...

you jit the jackpot on all the yarn :)

Debi Y. said...

Wow!! What a great yarn haul. Congrats. :)

Hoots Cove said...

How good is that yarn stash!!!
When we visited the USA last year I was taken round some amazing yard sales by a very experienced buyer, I never got to see yarn but got some good crochet throws.
Just wish I had bought more yarn whilst I was there......it is such good stuff. Enjoy it looks a treat Heather xx

Sharon GARDNER said...

Great haul! You did good Grandma and you will need to go to Michaels anyway to get some coordinating yarn for your projects lol!

Hanni said...

Wow, these are so much yarn! You were so lucky!!

JOY @ http://joysjotsshots.blogspot.com/ said...

Oh my goodness! You did find the Mother Lode of yarn! Don't you just love it when this happens from a yard sale? This is like my box of fabric I found at a yard sale. Yes, who cares how much we stash away. Its only getting more and more expensive.

Also, thanks for sharing your covered bridges memory with me on my blog.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Wow look at all that yarn. Happy creating!


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh wow, what a great deal on the yarn! Saw your comment on Maggie's Flowers in the Window blog and thought I'd drop by!

Jaclyn said...

Look at all that yarn!! Lucky for you!! Thats awesome! Love your blog...thanks for visting/following my blog! Have a great week!

DaCraftyLady said...

Jackpot indeed what a wonderful find!!! I love garage sales...~~Debb

come visit me

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Great Job! This is why we go to yard sales! Because things like this CAN happen! Think of the money you saved! I don't think you should stop going to Michael's though! Haha!
Erica :)