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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yard sale goodies

We had a pretty good day yard saling. Sloan went with Pam and me again. He got some goodies. Can you say "Action"? $1
 Abraham Lincoln's bust....50 cents
A knife $2 ...... What was I thinking?
Wrestling men $3 each and X-Box games $1 each.....

A 'Shake-a-weight"$2 and a Star War car thingy.$1...
Here's what I got..... a chandelier for my bedroom $3....
A Japanese scene $1.......
Butterfly picture $1...
Goofy figurines...I thought these looked like the 'Rat Fink' figures that were popular in the 60's. Do you remember them? $1

Kung Fu Panda, Rango, and Granny from Cars.....$1
I bought this Christmas deer($1)with the intention of painting. What do you think?
Christmas bells...there are two of them....$1
A mirrored shelf for my trinket boxes....$3
A rattan basket for my yarn.....$3
Three pair of shorts for Gavin....$5
This Simplicity sewing book from 1954.......$1
Here is a page from the book... your hair color determines what colors you should wear! Who knew?
A trellis thingy for my flowers....$1
We ran into some rain as we headed home and at the last yard sale we stopped at, the lady gave (free!!) me this bag of VHS tapes! There are about 20 videos for small kids. I'm going to check them out but will probably donate to a day-care.
How did you do?



Sangeetha said...

Hi Charlotte, What a lovely basket, lucky you! We don't have yard sales in India :(
What do you do with the stuff you buy?
Hope you have a fantastic Sunday.

Flowers in the Window said...

Oh my goodness! What a lot of goodies you bought. I love the clapper board - is that what it's called?! - and the Japanese wood sculpture - we've got one similar, so much work has gone into them. Maggie xx

Debi Y. said...

More great finds for you Charlotte. Very lucky. :)

Shari said...

Wow...you found some great stuff!
Haven't been to any yard sales in a while...something to think about!

Keetha Broyles said...

Sloan is turning into a real yard sale junkie!