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Thursday, September 6, 2012


This morning while putting my groceries in the car, I overheard some lady asking a man to ask someone to help. When I turned around to see what was the problem, this is what I saw....

This lady then started talking to me....
Lady: "I saw them just sitting under a truck and I was scared they would get hurt. Maybe we should call the police."
Me (trying not to laugh out loud): "What are the police going to do?"
Lady: " They could call someone to come get them."
By this time, an off-duty officer came out of the store and approached us as he was going to his car. He told the lady the ducks were fine. They were just waiting on someone to throw some crumbs out.
Lady: "I think they have lost their leader."
Me (again trying not to laugh out loud): Pointing to the male duck, "There is their leader! And there is a pond behind the store."
Officer: "They are fine, just looking for food."
Me: " At least they don't have to fight the seagulls for food!"
This lady was still talking about these ducks as she went into the store. 
I love animals but this is ridiculous! I laughed all the way home.



Cindy/KS said...

That is funny! People today have gotten so far away from our roots that they have no clue anymore!

Keetha Broyles said...


Once I saw a duck in a parking lot that I THOUGHT was dead. When I got out of my car to investigate, it quacked and flew away.

Playing possum I guess.

That lady may need to get a life if she has enough time to get that worried over a gaggle of mallards.

moreofhim said...

This gave me quite a chuckle! Thank for sharing. =D

Blessings - Julie