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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thank God we were at home!

Thank God I didn't go to yard sales this morning! Thank God Justin had come back from hunting! Thank God I had plenty of beach towels! Why am I thanking God? Because out of nowhere, the water heater started leaking! And I mean leaking! Water everywhere!
 This is after getting the water cut off and the fitting fixed. Thank God Justin does some plumbing with his pool business! The rest of the towels are in the washer.
 After we got everything cleaned up, Sloan, Janet, and I went to town. On the way, I stopped at one (yes, only one!) yard sale. I bought this drop-leaf end table for $5.
 Needs a paint job and maybe new knobs...
The town of York was having a Fall Festival on the main street and we enjoyed seeing all of the great booths. I especially wanted to visit my massage therapist's booth because she told me that there would be a physic there also. She is going to have a group reading this Tuesday and Wednesday and I think I just might go. Sounds like fun!
Hope you have a great weekend.

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Debi Y. said...

Sorry that happened - and it's good that Justin was able to get it fixed. Have a good (rest of the) weekend. :)