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Sunday, January 27, 2013

At the carwash...

 Nothing exciting this weekend, can you tell? Justin's washing the salt off of his truck....

 He knows where these pictures are going to end up! :-)
I did make this shamrock doily for the family that gave me all of that luscious yarn and thread. I found this pattern in one of the magazines included with all of the yarn. Crochet World April 2000.

 Because there was so much ecru colored yarn, I decided to make another sampler afghan (see here). The blocks look like corn,don't they?
 This is just the "loose" skeins of yarn. I've already used about 5 balls. I'm going to make all of the blocks before I do any edging or cross stitch.

Weather is warming up this week for SC. What are your weekend plans?



Angela said...

Your work is always so exquisite!

Keetha Broyles said...

I really need to wash the salt off my car - - - AGAIN. It just keeps getting back on there all winter long 'round these here parts!

Hindustanka said...

haha, I know very well that whenever you appear somewhere with the camera, everyone starts suspending you might post the pics in blog :)
Charlotte, I wonder how quick you accomplish such big projects! well done, I liked that shamrock doily very much - reminds me of the spring.
have a nice week!