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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday news

 The tile is finished. The grout will be applied tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Can't wait to finally use my new bathroom!
 I finished making the 63 blocks for my latest project. Now comes the fun part...cross stitching! I found this flower pattern and was going to make all blocks like this, but decided not to after 6 blocks.

Hope you are not snowed in! The weather is beautiful here in SC today, but the rain is on it's way.


Hindustanka said...

hi, Charlotte!
Congrats on almost finished bathroom! IT'll look pretty when you put all the accessories in there :)
you always go for some big projects and make them so fast!!!
have a nice day!

Lostinblue said...

The bathroom is looking great!!
It's such a good feeling when you finish a room isn't it.

I love your blocks. they look fantastic, so pretty!!!