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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I started another afghan. This time it's a ripple using more of the 'yarn hoard'. All was going well until I ran out of the varigated color. This is a common varigated color that I see all the time at WalMart. But just my luck after going to three (yes, three!) WalMarts, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, no yarn! So I had to order from Herschners.
 I'm using a Red Heart pattern ... Cloudy Day Ripple Throw.
 Look at these giant flowers I saw in Hobby Lobby! $39.99 each!
I guess I could do some housework until the yarn arrives.......NOT! :-)


Debi Y. said...

Your new afghan is pretty - love the colors. I wonder what someone is supposed to do with those huge flowers. :)

Jaclyn said...

Very nice afghan! I hate when I run out of a yarn and then can't find it anywhere and have to wait to continue...lol...i love your choice of colors. Can't wait to see the finish product!

linda said...

It's going to be beautiful, couldn't you just scream when that happens, that's why I weigh everything I make then if I make it again I know exactly how much I need :)

Sharon GARDNER said...

I just ran into the running out of yarn thing too. Checked 3 different stores and finally ordered mine from Joann's (bonuse--it was on sale). Lovely flower but I'm not sure what I'd do with it. Hope your yarn arrives soon!

Vikki Hooks said...

Good Morning..umm..I think the flower is a bit over priced....love the afghan though. Hey when you are done doing housework, you can come over and do mine!!

Hindustanka said...

Nice afghan, and it must be feeling terrible when you run our of yarn for your WIP! but all the best and I hope yarn arrives soon :)