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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy Saturday!

I'm pooped! The yard sale was a huge success even though a storm came through last night. I meant to take pictures after we got set up but forgot until a couple of hours after we started. Look at all these teapots, vases, ceramic, etc. ....
 We even had stuff under the carport!

 Mama made $163 while Justin made $300 at our house next door. My son, Craig, is going to take the leftovers to Fort Mill and have a yard sale at his in-laws. After we got everything packed up and  something to eat, I went wedding dress shopping with Janet, Ashton, Kayla, and Ashton's future MIL. The first two dresses were pretty but weren't right.

 I think this is it! Isn't she beautiful?
Janet started crying which started Ashton crying, which made the saleslady start crying!
She hasn't made a committment but I think she found the gown!
How was your Saturday?



WOW, that is A LOT of glassware!
LOVE the wedding dress! WHen my duaghter found hers, I had a few tears in my eyes!


oops. can't spell today!

Vikki Hooks said...

Your grandaughter looks beautiful!! wow now that is a garage sale..I love teapots, and that quilt rack..I guess it might be a good thing I don't live anywhere around you..I might have found some real treasures at your house. Blessings

Faith said...

You should have had a blog garage sale and invited us to bid on things...you would have sold out...LOL....I saw several things which captured my eye..$163 is very good...the bride, beautiful in all 3...but the last one is the prettiest....bless her heart.

Hindustanka said...

Glad your yard sale was successful, we really need to organize one too here - so much of stuff we could sell!
She looks so pretty in that dress - very good choice and I like the glittering embellishment a lot!