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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gatlinburg...day seven

Last full day here in the Smokies. We decided to head out of Pigeon Forge towards Sevierville. We saw a sign pointing to Forbidden Caverns and decided to give it a try. Never mind that we have claustraphobia!

 Isn't this beautiful?

 Justin is 6'5" and had to duck in a couple of places! At one point we were 650 feet underground!

 On the way back home, we stopped here.........
 It was raining, but the boys wanted to try their luck.

After catching four trout in less than fifteen minutes, they were being prepared for a meal.

 The boys had theirs fried, while I had mine blackened. Yum!
 This old grist mill was on the side of the road waiting on a photo op............
 Notice the building is upside down?

The Titanic.....................

 King Kong!................

Then we stopped for some miniature golf..............

By now, my camera's battery quit on me. Ready to go home! We all agreed that if and when we came back to Tennessee, we would stay in Sevierville. There are things to do but not cluttered and crowded like Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg.


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Shirley said...

Hi Charlotte, Thank you for sharing your trip. I have truly enjoyed every mile that you all went. I loved the caverns some beautiful scenery. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and prayers from Your Missouri Friend.