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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Della and granny squares

Della is really getting around and is starting to talk. She kept us entertained Sunday when she visited. How could you not love this precious face?
 She shuts her eyes almost everytime I try to take a picture!

 She's a daddy's girl.

 Playing with Foxy...........

 She is going to kill me when she gets older for this picture! Makes you laugh, doesn't it?

 I made this tree skirt using scrap yarn. I guess I crochet a little loose because it worked up a little larger than I wanted, but it still works. This is a Redheart.com pattern.

Happy Tuesday!



Hindustanka said...

Della is adorable! So good to see your family getting together like this, precious moments.
I like your X-mas tree skirt, very cheerful!
Have a wonderful day!

Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Charlotte..you are right she is gonna not like that picture at all..she is so precious. You asked how I kept my lines straight when using a graph..I don't like diagrams for the most part because I lose my place alot. Right now I am using a magnet board with 2 long magnets and putting the line I am working on in between the two magnets. It helps for the most part, but when there are curves or something I have to really be careful. I prefer written patterns to diagrams anyday.

Gramma Rita said...

Miss Della is such a little doll! And you're right...she will be none too happy with you, someday, when she sees that one pic. It is a hoot though. :) Love the one of her touching the Santa. She is just too cute.

Love your Christmas tree skirt. I cheat...and just put one of my crocheted afghans around the bottom of mine. LOL I like your skirt, though, so I might just have to make one of those. :)