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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Froggin' and finishing

After completing the cuffed shawl using the Lionbrand Suede, I decided that the one made with the Lionbrand Homespun just wouldn't do. So I frogged it...........

 Now, I hate selfies more than anything but I forgot to get someone to take pictures of the finished shawl yesterday.Ignore the person and just look at the shawl! Much better!

 Yesterday, I saw this puppy on Facebook. The local vet was asking for a home.
So guess who went to check him out? We agreed to adopt him and will pick him up Saturday.
I'm not much of a dog person, so the boys will have the job of tending to him.

It's cold here this morning after several days of 60+ degree weather. I'll be glad when spring arrives!



Janet Huffman said...

We always ingnored the person

Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Charlotte, I don't do selfies or any other pics of myself..I don't take good pictures. Your shawl looks warm..and I like the colors you chose. I would probably wear that all the time. I ordered an electric blanket..now it will probably turn warm or we will lose power in this ice storm coming our way. I enjoy visiting your blog..and seeing the stuff you make..too bad we don't live closer..we could work hook the day away. Hugs and blessings

Kim said...

Oh that shawl looks so warm and cosy!! I could just huddle up in that, it looks so snuggly.
It's always a bit sad when we have to frog something but on the bright side you'll now have the pleasure of finding the perfect project for it.

I'm so happy you decided to adopt your puppy. What a cutie!!!
I'm looking forward to hearing more now.