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Monday, February 24, 2014

We've been adopted...

............. by two cute cats. I saw them one day around our pool and Justin started feeding them. They are very friendly and will allow you to pet them.

I've been crocheting with the new yarn and am not really satisfied. I was trying to make this.....
 It works but just not like I wanted.....

 So I went through my yarn hoard and pulled all of the Lion Brand Suede that I had. This is working up much better. Because I only have two skeins of each color, I'm going to stripe it. If this works, I'll invest in some other yarn ( Bulky Weight 5).
I no longer have to babysit Micki's dog, Foxy. She went home with Timmy, Micki's estranged husband. I loved her but just didn't want to be tied down with a dog in the house.
It's so strange to be in the house now after 4 months of having her in the house. Goodbye Foxy!
The weather was beautiful this weekend but supposed to get a little colder later. Hope you had a great weekend and a great week ahead.


Debi Y. said...

Cute little kitties. I like the shawl you made with the Homespun - I think it's coming out nice. :)

Kim said...

I just LOVE cats!!
I'd love to have cats again but hubby won't let me as he doesn't think its a good idea with the dog as well.

That shawl will be so cosy!! I love it. :)