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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day with family

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Janet took me to Hobby Lobby and she got me some yarn. Such a hard decision!
 Craig got me a clematis vine.
Della was precious, as always!
 Great-grandma had made her some dresses, but she was more interested in watching cartoons.
 Justin with his nephews from West Virginia.
 Justin's sister, Cathy, and her son, Donald or "Possum" as we call him.
 Justin and "Little Ricky" playing horseshoes.....

I hate that the family got together because of such sad circumstances, but we all enjoyed each other's company.


Gramma Rita said...

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, Charlotte. Love the dress Della is wearing...even if she is more interested in cartoons. LOL :)

Sarah said...

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