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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Table finished!

My dining table is finished!

 Justin worked on the table in his work building. He used cherry stain for the top but I thought it was too light, so he re-sanded and used a walnut stain. Two coats....much better! After the top was finished, the blonde legs just didn't look right. I found a quart of paint in the 'Oops' section at Lowe's that was just the color that I wanted. How lucky can you get? $5 and the right color!! I love my "new" table!

I'm still working on the Lacy Chevron afghan. It's just been too damn hot to have an afghan spread out over your legs! I have about 12 more rows to go.

Going to Lowe's again today for more paint. I've begged talked Justin into painting my kitchen. My job is to remove all of my 'knick-knacks'! What a job!

 I've already emptied a couple of shelves.

 This is the color I want the yellow portion to be painted. The green will be painted white or cream.
 I'd like to have the cabinets either painted cream or stained walnut. What would you do?



Debi Y. said...

Justin did a great job with the table - it looks great.
You certainly have a lot of work ahead of you removing all your knick-knacks.
I think the colors you picked out will be perfect.
Have a great weekend. :)

Maggie said...

The table looks fabulous. I know the feeling about the crochet...far too hot to have a blanket on your knees! I love your kitchen...so homely. I think I'd go for the cream. X