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Saturday, July 19, 2014

What do I do now?

Rain.........no yard sales! Yarn......................no crochet project started! Paint....................kitchen finished! Now what? I'm sort of at a standstill for projects although I do want my living room painted! :-)  Look out, Justin!
I thought I would share some pictures of my "new" kitchen................You can see the beginning of the project in the previous post. While I waited for Justin to come home from work, I painted the back of the china cabinet with some sample paint I got at Lowe's. Justin made this cabinet for me in our early years of marriage.
 Here are some pictures of my knick-knacks. I know some people think this is too much, but believe it or not, I love each and every piece!

 As you will see in many of the pictures, I love to collect figurines of things from TV and movies. See the "Conehead", Roly Poly Oly and his sister, and Jerry from Tom and Jerry?

 The elephant pitcher was bought at a yard sale years ago for fifty cents. One of my prized treasures.
 I love collecting coffee mugs and tea cups.
 The Autumn Leaf pieces have chips or broken pieces, but I don't care! Years ago, my aunt had a complete set (from Jewel Tea company) and I thought these were the ugliest pieces! Now, they are collectibles and of great value if they are in good condition! Who knew?
 The Yogi Bear mug was a childhood piece that I managed to get before my sister did!

 The blue Maxwell House mug was ordered years ago and I used for a long time before I realized that it was a collector's item. It is trimmed with 14 carat gold!
 The Norman Rockwell cross-stitch picture was made by me in 1986!
 My shot glass and miniature collections.............

 Justin and I bought the neon sign at a yard sale .......................
 I try to get a shot glass from the different places we have visited. Justin's co-worker and friend, Bob, travels alot and brings me a shot glass back each time. He brought me one back from Italy this year!

 These are the original California Raisins that McDonald's had in their Happy Meals!

 Some of the tiny TV characters were bought out of a gumball machine!
Here's the cabinet completed. I made the strawberry cake plate in the 80's.

 The top of my cabinets house my tin collection........

Now you know what I do with my yard sale treasures! Have a great weekend!


Gramma Rita said...

Love seeing all of your collectible goodies! Fun stuff, for sure! :)

Debi Y. said...

I loved looking at all of your collectibles - you sure do have a lot of 'em. It must take you quite a while to dust. Have a great weekend. :)

Vikki Hooks said...

Wow..looks like a ton of dusting to me!!! It is a nice collection though, must have taken you years to accumulate all of it..and the stories I am sure that go with each piece...thanks for sharing this part of your world with us.

Julie Wineman said...

I enjoyed seeing your collections! Some brought back good memories.

Maggie said...

Love the colour of your kitchen and thanks for sharing your collections. Really interesting. My favourites are the chunky coffee mugs and the tins. X