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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pink is the new black!

For some reason I can't get enough pink lately! I did a little pink painting yesterday and I love it! The other day while I was at the trash dump, I was able to save this old birdcage from being trashed............
 Now look at it! All it needed was a good cleaning and pink paint! Now I'm on the lookout for a plant to put inside.
 Remember the iron cats I got at the yard sales in Tennessee?
No longer black but pink!

 Pee Wee is now at home with my other dolls..............
 This is my latest crochet project. I'm using some of the clearance yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is from Crochet World magazine October 2011 and called Itsy Berry Baby Blankie.
School started yesterday! WooHoo! Kids weren't happy but I sure was!



Debi Y. said...

Yes, I love the pink. The birdcage and the cats look so much prettier now. Your baby blanket is looking very nice. :)

Gramma Rita said...

I, too, am on a pink kick lately! :D

Gramma Rita said...

Charlotte, I got my October issue of Crochet World in today's mail, and your beautiful rose afghan is on the Back Talk page! Yay, you! :D

Charlotte Huffman said...

I know! I got my issue yesterday! My husband couldn't believe I was mentioned in a magazine!

Kim said...

Oh the pink is such an improvement. It looks lovely.
I love the blanket too, it's going to be gorgeous.

It's strange, I've never much bothered with pink, I'm a purple, blue and black kind of girl but just lately I've found myself steered more to that colour as well. It's weird, lol