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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday news

Today is a busy day. Justin has two of his "amigos" helping him do some work around the house. I got the job of going to McDonald's for some biscuits but you know me, not before stopping at a few yard sales first!
I found this cute cat at one yard sale...............
..............and this cat at another.......................
.......and this dog at the same sale................
I came back home and made a big pan of lasagna for the workers..................
Ace and George are blocking up the room addition.............
Justin and the boys, along with Gavin's friend, are working on the road leading to Janet's home. She lives behind us.

It's a hot, muggy day today! Plenty of water and drinks available.
My newest grandchild is due in 13 days and Holly is so ready! I worked on this layette set this week and finished in time for a baby shower tomorrow. (this is not all I have made for baby!)

We don't know if the new baby is a girl or boy, but I think it's going to be a girl. I didn't have enough of the dark ribbon for the blanket, so I used the lighter color. This pattern was in my pattern hoard, but it was downloaded in 2006 from JustCrochet.com.
Yesterday after I finally got Gavin, Sloan, and their friend, Kody, to get out of bed at 1:00 pm, I took them shoe shopping. Three teenage boys are just too much for this old lady! But we got the shoes, a few jeans and even enjoyed a burger and milkshake. I'm pooped!

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Kim said...

I'm sorry Charlotte, I have to ask ... what 'biscuits' do you get at McDonalds over there?
I know your biscuits are different to us in the UK, ours are more like your cookies I think, but I still can't imagine exactly what you are meaning, lol

Great finds at the yard sales, I do love bargain hunting!!
The baby set is adorable!! I love the colour.