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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday News

A whole week since my last post! It's cold here in SC just like everywhere else. At least we aren't getting snow yet and it's hasn't dipped much lower than 30 degrees!
Thursday Janet, Pam and I went to our annual trip to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte. Pam bought more than Janet and I, but we had a great time.

Speaking of Christmas, Holly sent me this picture of Della and Maxel visiting Santa.....
..............and Miss Priss got her ears pierced!
Justin and the boys have been working on the '46 Chevy...........

Janet and I went shopping yesterday since it was too cold for yard sales. Look at the luscious yarn I got at Michael's for $1.99 each!

 I have a few plans for these beauties. Speaking of crochet, I'm almost finished with Sloan's blanket. I should finish today and will post pictures tomorrow.
Uno, the lab, had a visit to the vet Friday to get "fixed". Because it was so cold, we let him stay in the laundry room Friday night. Considering he's so hyper, he was very good and let us sleep.

 The protective cone didn't last too long after he was back outside! 
Justin's birthday is Wednesday and we went with Janet and Rodney to the Texas Roadhouse to celebrate.
 Rodney let the staff know it was Justin's birthday and it was on from there! They brought out the "saddle" and after a lot of coaxing, we finally got Justin to 'take a ride'! He told me this better not be put on Facebook, but I never promised it wouldn't go on my blog! :-)
Have a great weekend and stay warm!


homeschooljewelrymom said...

The Christmas show looks fun. Happy birthday to Justin :-) Della looks so cute with her ears pierced. Our dog destroyed his cone in about two days. Enjoy your new yarn :-)

Gramma Rita said...

The Christmas show looks like it would be fun! Love the pic of Della and Maxel with Santa. Something tells me Maxel wasn't impressed. lol As for Justin...ride 'em cowboy! :D