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Monday, February 23, 2015

Pattern search and babies

I am in search of a doily pattern that is out of print. It's Coats Craft Folio #016, Rose Rhapsody.
 This doily is in my Ravelry favorites and from this booklet. I messaged the designer but she doesn't want to share her copy of the pattern.
If any of my blogging friends have this pattern and are willing to share, I would appreciate it. I'm willing to pay if necessary. Thanks in advance.
Della and Maxel came over yesterday after church. Maxel still has a cough that just doesn't want to leave. Poor baby!

He loves to be swaddled and he goes to sleep on his own.
Della was her usual sweet self.

She didn't want to try the poncho on....

Daddy wanted to nap but Della was too interested in cartoons....

She cracked us up when she told her mom she needed a new diaper. When Holly asked her why, she replied, "Open it and see!"
I put the parrot aside and finally settled on making an afghan for my son-in-law, Rodney.
Better weather this week. Stay warm and crochet!


homeschooljewelrymom said...

Good luck with your search, Charlotte! I hope you find the pattern.
Maxel and Della are getting so big! Poor Maxel; I hope he feels better soon. Neither of my kids liked swaddling; it's nice he does. Della's so cute with her baby doll. Too bad she didn't want to wear the poncho. Maybe later.
Stay warm!

Vikki Hooks said...

I don't believe I have this pattern... Not the pattern book. It is a lovely pattern. I have a boatload of old decorative crochet and magic crochet coming in the next week or two..I will look through them when they get here