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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow day!

Well, not much snow, mostly ice! Kids were out of school yesterday for President's Day and now they're out again today. Hope this shit melts so they can go back to school tomorrow.I can hear the people in the northern states laughing. I don't know how they manage with the "feet" of snow when we can't handle "inches"! My in-laws in West Virginia reported almost a foot of snow. I bet they wish they were back in South Carolina!

 Justin's settled in with his Pop-Tarts and tv remote!
 I've got my heavy-duty socks on and the space heater.
 I got my first order since I started my Facebook crochet page. It's a Simply Crochet poncho in shades of brown. I should finish it today.

Second cup of coffee, TV, laptop......I'm set for today! Stay warm and crochet!


Crafty in the Med said...

Brr! I can practically feel the cold there LOL!!! I have been watching BBC world news and it looks quite bad in Boston ...so much snow this year even here !!!

Congratulations on receiving your first order. I don't think I am connected to you on Facebook so I'm going to pop over there now and like and share.

Keep well and warm

Amanda xx

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Brr! I hate the cold. I'm whining because it was 30 yesterday and this morning. No ice or snow, just a lot of wind. Enjoy your crocheting and stay warm :-)

Donna Wilkes said...

We are in Aiken and it seems the wintry weather has been stopping about 50 miles from us. I hope that continues. I am wishing for warmth!