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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturday News

What an jam-packed Saturday! Yard sales, prom, Nascar! Janet and I went to yard sales in a different area because there wasn't very many yard sales in York or Rock Hill. Janet drove and we went to Fort Mill. We found several community yard sales and really scored big! So big, we had to stop long enough to find an ATM!
Two stuffed dogs for Vivien 50 cents each.......
 A lantern for $1 and three battery-operated candles for $1.......
 A bear hooky thingy for Pam's cabin $1......
 Two storage boxes and a dryer vent $1 each. The dryer vent is just what we need for my new dryer.
 A bouncy toy for Maxel $2.
I found some tap shoes $2 and a "My Little Pony" for Della 50 cents. I didn't get any pictures before I gave them to her.
Here's why we had to find an ATM......
 A complete set including a comforter, shams, bedskirt, and three pillows for $55! The lady said she only used one month and was selling because it didn't match the color of her walls! Well, paint the walls! Her loss, my gain!
This will match perfectly the color I want to paint my bedroom. I'm leaning toward the darker color, Apricot Jam.
Just before I walked away after buying the comforter set, I saw this 8x10 rug the same lady had for $25!

Perfect match for the color I want to paint the living room! The middle one, Homestead Resort Parlor Sage.
I say "I want to paint" but actually it will be Justin! I'm too sloppy!
The high school prom was last night. Gavin decided not to go, but Kayla and her boyfriend went. Isn't she beautiful?

 Sloan and Rodney left Thursday afternoon for the Nascar race in Charlotte. I didn't get any pictures before they left, but here are a few after they got home this morning. How do you like Rodney's short bus?

 Rodney and Justin talking about the race.........
 Sloan packing up his stuff.

I got a great deal for a canvas print from Photobucket.com. 70% off of a 20x20 print!
This is my favorite picture of Justin and Sloan fishing taken by Gavin in 2008.
Looks like an Andy and Opie moment from Mayberry, doesn't it?
It's a beautiful Sunday here. Hope you have a great day!

Our new deck is calling me!


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Gramma Rita said...

Great finds, again, Charlotte! How awesome that you found that comforter set for your room. Love it! And yes, Kayla is beautiful! Such a pretty gown she's wearing, too. Love that canvas fishing picture! :)