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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saturday News

Busy day yesterday! Justin and the boys managed my yard sale for me while Janet and I went to yard sales! We were sort of disappointed with the slow turnout to our yard sale. Normally we have a good day but for some reason it just didn't pan out. I scheduled it after Memorial Day and before high school graduation. There were quite a few yard sales in town so I don't know what the problem was. There was something for everyone!

 I took what didn't sell to the local thrift store and came back with this for $10!! A Nordictrak elliptical machine!

Here's what I got at yard sales.............

 $2 for music box..................
 25 cents for Cinderella and her coach.....

I needed this foot soak last night!
 Guess who's getting these bears?
 $1.50 for the yarn and "I taught myself to crochet" book. I just got the book for the hooks!
 This is another Lennox swan for my collection.........
 Not a good picture but this is an Eddie Bauer duffel bag for $1. It had another one inside!
Finally settled down last night, picked up my crochet and waited for the Outlander season finale. Did you watch it? Here's my "mini" Sophie's Universal Cal. Row 98 completed.
And lastly, here is my precious great-grandson.....
Don't you just want to pinch his little cheeks? And for the big gender reveal for my granddaughter, Kayla..........................it's a girl!!
Last week of school......two full days and two half days! Then off to Tennessee for a much needed vacation!


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Gramma Rita said...

Your great grandson is too cute for words! And a little girl on the way...how exciting! I say that no matter whether it's a girl or boy, because it is very exciting either way...how about it?! :D Looks like you got some nice Disney bargains at the sales yesterday. :) Your blanket is looking gorgeous!!